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Assetto Corsa Skin Transfer App V1.1
(03-13-2018, 02:41 PM)Russell Sobie Wrote:  Oh lord yes. Depends on what version of Photoshop you have. If it is anything up to CS6, you want to google "nvidia photoshop plugin" and install either the 32bit or 64bit version of the plugin depending on what your Photoshop is. If you are on the latest Photoshop (Creative Cloud or CC), then you may need to instead use the Intel Texture Works plugin to get DDSs out of it. Google "intel photoshop dds plugin". They both pretty much do the same things. If you have Photoshop, there is like no reason you should be using GIMP.

installed the plugin - it works - GREAT
I have a short question - my GIMP dds had aprox 4mb
my CS5 dds 5,5 - not sure if that works with SRS
Can you help me to get the filesize reduced - any save-as settings I need to do?

Many Thanks

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