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Assetto Corsa Skin Transfer App V1.1
If I didnt change anything the App just tells me "Ur skin is OK"
It's really weird, the app just considers the creation date of the custom-skin-directory. That behavior really makes absolutely no sense, where people work on their skins many times and just overwrite the skin files in that directory. So, the directory creation date would never change.

Whatever, I made a script, which refreshes everything. The folder and the files in that folder:
If u like, put it directly in the skins-root of the respective car (e.g. "..\ks_porsche_911_gt3_cup_2017\skins), create a shortcut to that batch-file and as parameter add the name of ur custom skin folder in the target field.



It should look like this:


It's just a one-click solution for guys, who wants to change their SRS-Skin frequently.

Update v1.1:
Now it doesn't execute anything, if u did something wrong. User-error safe Big Grin

Attached Files
.zip   Update_SRSSkinFolder.zip (Size: 34.86 KB / Downloads: 18)
The problem, my Porsche stays white at other driver screens, still persists.
Even I changed the skin meanwhile. On SRS-TV my Porsche looks correct. I think all files have been uploaded (cause upload size told by the App matches with the folder content. About 4.5 MB.)
But another driver told me, he has only 3 files in my "pierre_samoske" folder (livery.png, preview.jpg, EXT_Glass_Wing_Banner.dds). But there should be 9 files.


What these guys can do, to get my textures? I see nearly all custom skins of the other drivers. I created rules for the "SRSskintransfer.exe" of the app in AntiVirus and Firewall.
Maybe someone who drives with me in the Porsche Cup can delete the "pierre_samoske" folder in his Porsche skin folder, to force the App re-downloading my skin again. Then u could tell me, what the App says, when trying to download my skin. Or how does my skin look in ur AC-showroom? Can u coose it? Is it white?

I don't know, what I can try out anymore. Not even a SysAd is answering. So I am lost in space. They could tell me, what is wrong with my skin folder on their SRS-TV client. But I think, there is nothing wrong with the skin itself, cause on SRS-TV all looks correct.
Hello, sorry if im not asking in the right section, just i'd like to try to upload a custom skin but i dont know after read +20 times still dont understand. I installed everything, ok , i have it activate from General --> UI Modules, i activate SRS SKin and SimRacing System SRS 1.0 (UI Theme for SRS), it's Ok but when i get a skin done, how exactly upload it? sorry for ask but tried a lot and checked everything and i dont see how! any input will be appreciate it a lot!

Walter R.
you have the info on the first post.
perhaps you skipped the skin folder name part.
Hi, no i understand now how it exactly works. every race app start to update skins, etc. it's ok what i didnt understand was how exactly uploaded / updated skins to you.

Just last question, there is any conditions for skins?

create a folder named "walter_toro" in the car skin folder. Put ur textures there. Choose this skin, if u register for a race and it's getting uploaded if u join the race. Open the SRSSKinApp ingame and see what it tells u. Or just listen to the voice.

max 10MB overall folder size
folder skin name is named like ur SRS User name.
check ur skin before in the showroom or on track. Keep it small for online races. 2048*2048px main skin. DXT5 compression.
Ok, thank you!

Walter R.
Hello, I updated my skin for the MX-5 but when I watch the Youtube live, I see that the old skin is displayed, the server has kept my old Skin, how to download the new skin after modifying them?
Application message "Transfere incomplete"
The transfer may have completed after the TV car reset, meaning SRS didn’t get your skin in time.for the stream.

Wait until your next stream in that series to see whether the server actually has your skin or not.

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