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Stock, Marcas, Mini?
First of all, congratulations for this amazing tool! Can't wait to race with you guys. I am thrill with this iniciative, and wanna help you grow large.
As a sim racer used to the Brazilian community, I think I can contribute with some insights from this part of the Atlantic  Smile
IMO, the biggest issue is the actual series for Automobilista, particularty F-Vee, Kart and Rally X. They are not popular in Brazil. Every large brazilian league (i.e. f1bc.com, neo-br, GTR brasil) has a Stock Car Brasil, a Copa Petrobras de Marcas and a F-3 championship, just to stay in the included content, and those champs are fill to the top. These cars are a HUGE success, and I truly believe this could be a great way of fill the SRS servers right away. The brazilian community start to became aware to SRS prior to this weekend, but miss these popular cars. (the F-3 has a series right now in SRS, I know)
And when you look at Race Department forums, the Mini Cooper is quite popular too.
So, maybe, just maybe, you could think about drop the Kart, F-vee and Rally X series for now, and create a Stock Car series, a Marcas series and, if possible, a Mini Cooper one?
If you guys have more servers to include Stock Car and Marcas, it'll be better yet :-)
Hope my post could be helpful. Be free to ask anything you want, and keep up this excelent work!
Luciano Lorencini
Hattrick Racing
I can totally back the Mini cooper suggestion! I'd race that little baby all day long

why not throw a super truck in the mix too? Those gotta be a lot of fun!
Pelo canal Sim Force, eu vejo vocês na pista!
Since we are on a test trial there's no problem on changing the series.
I'd like to race on Marcas please!
First of all, SRS staff, thanks so much for implementing my suggestion!

Since I truly like the system, I keep my mind thinking in things to boost the brazilian base here.

If you still interested in a suggestion, I'd say that the Marcas series is beginning too late in Brazil.

I consider the "Prime Time" here between 8pm and 10pm, Brasilia time (GMT-3), and unfortunately, the Marcas is beginning at 23h in our time.

Maybe, just maybe, could you consider shift this schedule earlier, like 20h, 21h? Among the cars currently available in SRS, Marcas has the biggest appeal in Brazil, and that can be the hook you need Smile

BR guys are not so fond of Mini, I recall....

The 5 week test is ending. Keep in mind that this does not mean that we are going gold...

I will have to think carefully about the next steps...but meanwhile i swapped Copa Marcas to 00:00 GMT and 01:00 GMT.
On the topic of other cars in AMS, I drove in a multi class 80min race tonight which was brilliant as allows the Metalmoro, Marcas, Mini, Lancer etc to all be on track at once...allowing people to use cars that may not have enough entries on their own. Don't know if you could host something similar, but I'd be in if you can.
Multiclass is possible, but right now the results would not be per class.

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