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Download Race Preset option.

New to SRS Did one race, did most rookie mistakes. Is there a way to create a quick (practice or weekend etc) using the settings from the race. I just want to mirror the race conditions including things like (Tire Usage: 170) 

Heart Idea Suggestion: Can the Schedule page have a DOWNLOAD PRESET button to download the particular race's 'Race Weekend' preset. We can then load this preset in the Content Management system in Assetto Corsa to practice. 

It may help newbies like me to have some experience of the race conditions so that the quality of the races improves. So that I get good practice before jumping into lobbies and ruining my (and potentially others) races.

Things that can be included into the preset:
  1. Car
  2. Car settings (open / fixed)
  3. Track (with specific variation)
  4. And highlighted stuff below

[Image: SRS-Annotation-2019-09-10-160836.png]

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