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Weaving on the straight
(09-04-2019, 05:29 PM)Alex Leif Wrote:  That is very interesting James, I haven’t done much racing at Le Mans etc so hadn’t even considered very high speeds giving tow from up to 1.5 seconds back.
I was under the impression that AC only gives you slipstream effect when at 0.5s or lower, pretty sure I read this somewhere a few years ago on the official forum and since then my experience has seemed to align with this theory, though that could be confirmation bias ofc Smile

When I am more than 0.5 behind I don’t even bother lining up with the car ahead as I just assume there is no benefit and I have never felt this hinder my performance.

I used to think the same, last season i have done a couple of races on the Nord (1h) and noticed it does give you a tow from far behind, which should be the case as slipstream can be huge at high speed. On the video i posted, i would never reach 260 normally at this point of the straight without the beemer's tow, even less 290 downhill. On regular tracks i don't bother before 1s either.
Only partly related, but it's funny how lapped drivers will sometimes weave to try to get out of the way while I weave behind them to try and get as much draft as possible Smile

They clearly don't understand their responsibility to be predictable when they do that, so there's some danger to it, but I have fun imagining the panic in the driver's mind about WTH is going on!

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