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Scoring regulation (5 races rule)
Got a question/suggestion about scoring. Right now the rules is as followed.

Quote:You can race as many times as you like during the week:
  • Up to 5 Races - Counts the best result (points including incidents);
  • More than 5 races - Average of all your races.

I understand the concept of the rule to ensure that people who cant do multiple races per track can still compete in the standings. But it also discourages people of drive more than 5 races if they have done well already, as one bad race can destroy their score even if they done very well compared to person who didn't do well overall but got one good result and only did 5 races. This can be seen by checking the standings on different series and noticing quite few people only doing 5 races, this could of course be because they only had time for 5 but if you have one really good score and a bunch of bad scores doing more than 5 will give you a penalty

Now i get SRS has to be considered more casual and we are all here just to have fun but its still racing and by nature that is competitive and people enjoy doing well in a competition.  So i just wondering if there is a better way to do the scoring, one that is fair to those that dont have the time to do more than 5 races and one for those that do.

Now there are a couple of ways to try and fix it but many have other issues. You could remove the second part of the rule and only counts the best result for everyone. But that will mean the person doing more races has more chances to improve their score so again it creates and imbalance in fairness.

So far the best solution i have come up with, which could at least lighten the penalty you get for doing more than 5 races is to give extra points after 5 races. So for example add 1 extra points to someone score for every race after reaching the 5 race point. Now again this could cause issues if someone is so good they only every finish first and thus increasing their score over someone who only does <5 races.

So how do you guys feel about the scoring, do the majority of people here even care or are they just happy to race and dont care about standing? And perhaps people have other suggestion for fixes this?

PS: Im sure this rule/issue has been brought up before, but i still cant find a search option on this forum to look these things up Tongue Still dont know if it simple doesn't have one or i haven't found it yet.
Yeah, it's been brought up before. I think the end result is that winning championships is just adding a +1 to a number that's fairly difficult to find for any individual (multiple clicks on the website)... so in reality, what we have now is adequate and doesn't need much adjustment. It's already a bit arcane having to know that >5 means your score (likely) goes down... so anything on top of that is going to make it MORE complicated.
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And if all have the Average, no matter how many race run?
That would likely be the simplest implementation, if I understand you correctly, Nico. Basically average all the scores for the week, even if you race 5 or less times? This would have the affect of lowering participation from people who really care about their Internet Points. If you don't get a 102, there's no need to keep racing for the rest of the series since there is ALWAYS going to be someone who can get a single 102 every single week (especially if they are careful which race to attend). And if you DO get a 102, then you are incentivized to not risk anything lower since you can only go down or stay at 102 on your average.

The 5 races top score then average 6+ seems to be a nice middle ground that allows the highly competitive to battle for NUMBER OF WINS as well as clean 102s, while not making it possible to just spam the entire series week after week trying to get as many 102s as possible.
Tutorial on how to use Autodesk Mudbox and Adobe Photoshop to make custom liveries! https://tinyurl.com/yaetz4qz
Grab my PDash Skins (an Assetto Corsa HUD app) here: https://tinyurl.com/y95ewubz
You're right! I had not thought of that. But it is true that we have many people without running.
Personally, I like this system. For my work I can only run one race per day, so two days of the week I practice the combo that plays that week, and the rest of the days I run without going over 5 races.

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