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Participating in specific series
I mean, I don't really care (nor am I administration either) but the rules lawyer in me thinks that purposefully circumventing an aspect of the scoring mechanic by having multiple accounts is breaking the rules, even if they aren't stated in actual rules documentation. I mean... the Regulations page on SRS is seemingly intentionally vague about a lot of things specifically to allow administration to make calls on a case by case basis, so going by Chris and Christopher at the same time might be a-okay with him.

But like you said... if you aren't worried about winning any championships, why not just have one account and race 50 times in a week for one particular series? You suffer the averaging adjustment, but does it really matter? I race as many times a week as I can spare... and that just happens to be 5 or less in just about every week unless the GF is out of town on the weekends and I want to race all day Saturday or something.

If anything, having only one account makes it so that your private message inbox is all one inbox. Wink
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