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Next track for a series?
Hey Guys! new to SRS, and a bit of a beginner to sim racing.  Not the worst, nowhere near the best hahaha
Question though, if I look at the Lotus Evora GX races, right now it's racing at Mugello.  I would need to practice for a few days until I'd feel comfortable jumping into a race, and it looks like Mugello ends on the 19th of May.  So what about the track for the next week? How do I find out what that is so I can start practicing ahead of time on that?

As far as I understand it, this is last week of the current season, and new cars and tracks will be announced on Saturday.
Oggi is correct. This is the last week of the season. But for future seasons, the entire track list for a season can be found on the race registration page by clicking this little pill button on the top right of any particular race:

[Image: HB9GyCI.png]
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