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SRS - Assetto Corsa Competizione Support
(06-09-2019, 01:54 PM)Russell Sobie Wrote:  ACC is pretty but it feels like that's pretty much all it has going for it compared to AC. The FF doesn't feel as informative,  the number of cars is obviously lacking, and I don't think they've bothered to put in anything that works like Real Head Motion so all these really tight suspension GT3 cars rattle my head too much and it gets annoying after about 5 laps. Shake the car, not the head. How have the other sims not gone this route I have no idea.

Some complaints I saw early on about FFB seem to have generally been resolved, for me it was way more informative than AC even at first release, driving in AC feels just that little bit stale in comparison now. Once they added support for custom LUT I was instantly at home again.

Agree that RHM implementation will be better but for now there is a sliding scale of look to horizon with which I was able to find a balance that worked for me, before this I was unable to race in ACC due to the world bouncing issue but have found a happy balance now.

Until Kunos do a new game featuring road / classic cars there will always be a place for AC but for pure racing I have to say ACC is already there, just ask the over 100 people participating in the league I am in or have a race in the CP server with an hour long battle when fuel usage / engine maps start to come into play and you may be pleasantly surprised.

For the sort of person who likes quick 20m races ACC does not really suit, but if you start doing 1h plus races it starts to shine.
ACC needs something like this or the game will death soon.
Merci pour ces informations.vivement le jour où SRS pourra organiser des courses sur ce jeu. Merci
Any new updates on this?
I really want SRS on ACC Big Grin
+1 Smile
Today 1.0.8 update to ACC added a lot of stuff, might be worth checking it out SRS team.

Bunch of stuff added to shared memory, here is the link to the documentation: https://www.assettocorsa.net/forum/index...ion.59965/
few new tracks inbound Soon™

Any news about that? it will be a pity if SRS can not include ACC ...
Yes please. 1 race every hour with track rotation would be awesome. The game’s biggest issues are mostly fixed now and it’s awesome.

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