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SRS - Assetto Corsa Competizione Support
Yeah well currently is nowhere close to AC, who knows if it ever will be. Without modding, I dont think so
ACC is pretty but it feels like that's pretty much all it has going for it compared to AC. The FF doesn't feel as informative, the number of cars is obviously lacking, and I don't think they've bothered to put in anything that works like Real Head Motion so all these really tight suspension GT3 cars rattle my head too much and it gets annoying after about 5 laps. Shake the car, not the head. How have the other sims not gone this route I have no idea.
Tutorial on how to use Autodesk Mudbox and Adobe Photoshop to make custom liveries! https://tinyurl.com/yaetz4qz
Grab my PDash Skins (an Assetto Corsa HUD app) here: https://tinyurl.com/y95ewubz
I don’t like it neither. I tried but ffb, graphic performance and “game concept” don’t satisfy my expectations. It’s disappointing cause I’ve spent my money looking for a new AC with better graphics (but only GT3). Now I even would drive PC2 before than ACC. AC1 give me all I need from a simulator. I hope they can fix all my actual bad feelings, but I am not to waste my time testing an unfinished simulator just because company decided to launch it before it was ready to sell.
ACC is a joke! It's like Codemasters F1 series with the input lag. It's a PITA to run. I even upgraded my R9 290 to a Vega 56 and still graphics nowhere near AC or RF2 if you need or want high FPS. It's beautiful to max out if you like racing with 30 FPS. "SHINY IT IS" because it's new, but honestly, we maybe better off waiting for AMS 2 than trying to run ACC.
think thay need to but it back in early accsess,sort it out properly ,then launch it,then thay wouldnt get negative chat about game. c u on track
Every PC is a world.

Club Sim Racing (Argentina) organized this event.

Everyone happy (24 drivers)

I only speak with backup material.


Long live for ACC
Any news about it???

At the moment, there is not competition in AC “Competizione”...
This would be interesting
I believe it will be possible but not just yet.
Only the possibility and the interest by SR is GREAT news!

If not we will stick to AC :Big Grin

Thanks for all the work , Henrique!
SRS SPAIN , NORDSCHLEIFE ASSETTO FAN CLUB, www.youtube.com/c/deracingx

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