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SRS Shaders bug
Hi guys,
I have a strange issue with SRS.. Take a look at the video. When I join SRS race something breaks shades...
I had no mirrors, no cockpit illumination.. It threw me off and I felt kinda blind without mirrors. Real distraction and race breaker.
But it doesn't happens always.. It seems that only some servers are affected but I have no idea how to counter it.
Do you have any suggestions?

Video: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/416744312
I had the same thing happen to me today. Can’t figure out what happened.
same thing here. seems it has something to do with the SRS Skin app.
Lars Mars
Gentdrivers Team
I had the same thing happen last night trying my first ever SRS race...  I quit out to try and fix it and then realized I couldn't rejoin during qualifying...  But then I went and did a single player race with the Skin app still on and after a 1/4 lap or so the bug came back and voice came over my headset that said something about skin app not loading (hard to hear).  I then turned the app off and single player started working fine.  BUT the app did apparently function at some point as I now have a couple custom skins from people in the race I briefly joined.
You can rejoin any SRS race in progress (including during qualifying) by using the public server browser and searching for the string "simracingsystem". If there is more than one, join the one the game lets you join and you are all good.
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