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Well met
Hello, everyone :) should've checked this forum and done this earlier

A simracing veteran here undoubtedly :)  decided to get back to simracing after a lot of years. I started with the original F1GP and Indycar/Nascar racing by Papyrus in the 90s, racing against my buddy in my home network. But only have been online racing with NR2003 and rFactor back from 2004 to 2008 in a couple of hardcore simracing leagues.

Recently I got a G27, simple desk setup, and Assetto Corsa. So after fooling around with FFB and settings, I heard about SRS and started racing here in March. AC has got the best driving feel for me and I enjoy driving cars with H shifter. Classic F1 cars are my favorites.

But I've looked around and it seems to me that simracing is a watered down world for too long, and there is no perfect sim for me that does it all I need from it. Not even close. AC is great looking but incomplete, missing options and rules, and is flawed here and there in small ways. Thankfully, a bunch of modders, great platform like SimRacing System and a bunch of good racers exist to support it these couple of years.

The problem for me was, and still is, is that I can't afford time to practice much although I try to make my own setups every time. So most of the races I'll hop in, prepared only with the basics, running some laps to get familiar with a car and track and not spinning out or outbrake myself. Usually I'll go with a give and take and sometimes I'll race really hard. I think I know what it takes to go fast, but with my situation I'd say I'm only on average performance and the mind boggling laptimes I see from some people here is just a dream :) Sometimes I push too hard and mess up my race (and of someone else). I enjoy some longer races like Lamborghini Hurracan ST was, or Mazda 787b now. But I discovered here that short fixed setup races are great too. The racing here can be filled with incidents, sometimes frustrating, but I never bothered with protests. I'm sure I messed up someone, too so...

Not really looking for fastest lap times or rating but it helps. In the end, we all want some good fun and meaningful racing with someone here and hopefully a good result at the finish.

Well, cheers! And see you again on track :)
Welcome the SRS. Have fun.
Thanks guys Smile

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