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Championship format penalizes participation
(04-16-2019, 02:20 AM)Russell Sobie Wrote:  I've made similar points in the long, long ago. They were ignored. Turns out though that winning championships just gives you a +1 your Championships Won stat, and that's it... so there's not a whole lot of reason to care in the first place.
If you win a race, you only get a +1 in the win-column. With your logic, there's no reason to race for the win either. 
@Ruben, I hear what you're saying. But if that rule wasn't in place, people could just try 5x a day to finally get 1 win. There has to be some middle ground here, to avoid ppl to spam 1 series. 
Why would it be fair for someone, who has the time to race 5x a day in 1 series, to have a massive advantage of someone who only has time 3x a week? 
Also, I don't believe that there's a huge decrease of drivers because of this rule. If, on a monthly basis, we're talking about a handful of drivers, that would be a lot..

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