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New Assetto Corsa series starting April 8th!
New Assetto Corsa series starting April 8th!

We are delighted to announce the new Assetto Corsa series!

1 hour Daily Series
We will continue to provide championships for different regions:
  • Mazda 787B America: 02:00 GMT
  • Mazda 787B Asia: 14:00 GMT
  • Mazda 787B Euro: 20:00 GMT
Fuel consumption:200%, Tyre wear:170% & pit window 00:10 - 00:50.
Car: Mazda 787B

Youtuber series
Some youtuber series will feature  one or more rounds with 20 min qualy + 1 hour race.

Euro youtubers
  • Tuesdays - Random Callsign - MX-5 Cup
  • Wednesdays - Gamer Muscle -Ferrari F2004
  • Thursday - Aussie Stig - Tatuus (1 hour race 2019-04-11 Montreal)

America youtubers **
  • Tuesdays & Wednesdays  - Sim-Force - Seat leon TCR
  • Wednesdays - Sim Racing Paddock - Porsche GT4
  • Fridays & Saturdays - The Simpit - Praga R1 - all races 1h
  • Sundays - Sim Racing Revolution - Nissan Nismo GTR
20 min Daily Series
  • Abarth 500 Assetto Corse
  • Caterham Academy
  • Lotus Evora

Monday 20 min Series
  • Toyota AE86
Weekend 20 min Series
  • Maserati 250F6cyl
You can access the season details on the following link

** GMT time & day.

[Image: SeriesACApril19.jpg]
Thank you, looking forward to the Abarth
TPC SimRacing driver and painter
Awwwwwwww yissssssss what an awesome lineup. Heart Heart Heart

Thanks @simracingsystem
⌈ zerobandwidth autosports ⌋
YouTube: https://youtube.com/c/zerobandwidth
Holy Moly what a selection! Can´t wait!
Caterham Academy  Big Grin
And the AE86...I am drooling already!

Thank You @simracingsystem!
„Ein Auto ist erst dann schnell genug, wenn man morgens davor steht und Angst hat es aufzuschließen.“ - Walter Röhrl
I love SRS♥
Maserati 250F6cyl ♥♥♥♥
Which version of Montreal is being used for Tatuus race? It isn't listed in the Mod list.
(04-07-2019, 06:06 PM)Michael Martin Wrote:  Thank you, looking forward to the Abarth

I see it on the poster and in the text above, but I don't see it here: http://www.simracingsystem.com/upcomingseries.php

Looks like both series I'll have time for are for cars I've already arted up. Maybe I'll make a new Caterham just for shits.
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It's already moved to the Daily Schedule.
What model of the Evora is going to be used? Because there's a few of them...

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