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when I started on SRS, I think there was a championship with reversed grid Big Grin Audi TT Cup with 2 races after each other, that was fun too
As a lifetime member of the rolling roadblock association, let it happen! Oh wait, it did at Donkeytown yesterday ;-)
I am watching the new Chain Bear F1 video right now, and he actually is mentioning "Success ballast" as a possible form of BOP.
I also have seen ALOT of Ferrari WEC drivers complaining...no, whining about BOP destroying racing.
In our case here at SRS it would end IMHO with alot of people complaing about it and making life harder for everyone else.

Reverse grids on the other hand works fantastic in F2, provides alot of action and forces the real fast guys to work a bit more for a good result.
Or how about reverse grid linked to the SRS rating? *ducks for cover*
„Ein Auto ist erst dann schnell genug, wenn man morgens davor steht und Angst hat es aufzuschließen.“ - Walter Röhrl
Complaining.... that would be a first?. Good racing to us all!

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