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Change of Rating Calculation for Better
Hi, fellows. 
The rating calculation is dependent of the amount of wins, podiums, Top 10, and of course, the number of incidents. I suspect that consistency must be one of them. However, there is a number that could be much more valuable to mitigate such problems:

1. Fastest guys get poles and go away almost without any difficult except with some lapped back markers. Risks are minimal. They increase rating by position and incidents without any problem. Some of those racers, when out of a good position, they can cause much trouble as I've seen sometimes. I don't know if they only practice hotlaps, but can't be sideways to nobody. 
2. The guys who are behind and midfield are much more prone to have incidents and many of them are not their fault. Many of them needs to reconquer positions and do it very well, without incidents.

The solution for this is the number of overtakes without incidents. It could be used for climb people with medium rating which was hit and was capable of get his positions back without trouble. Another relevant statistical measurement associated could be the number of incidents per hour vs. number of incidents per overtakes, because 1 hour long races could be much 3 times more relevant then 20min races. The rate of incidents per race is 3 times more rating damage on long runs. I noticed that 1h long races don't make my rating increase 3 times as the 20 min ones.

I hope it helps a better rating system and best minimum rating series in a near future.
Eduardo Sá (ºLº)
Using this system someone who is fast as hell and always drives away in front wont be able to get a high rating because he overtakes no one?
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(04-05-2019, 05:00 PM)Sebastiaan van den Heuvel Wrote:  Using this system someone who is fast as hell and always drives away in front wont be able to get a high rating because he overtakes no one?

 shooting the gap 3 wide at BH t1 lap1 mx5 from a top 5 qualy no doubt, then overshoot t2 trying to win the race in first 2 turns...uh huh I remember...thing is the formula/algorithm doesnt know who hit who so both drivers would still get penalized, sometimes you get lucky and it doesn't give you what you/others deserve but sometimes it gives too many also....
At this point I look at that rating and think "Welp, that guy's been here  a while." It doesn't seem to particularly mean they are good at any particular thing... just that they show up. Without knowing what the actual mystery algorithm is, that's really all I can derive from it.

And since we haven't had a race that required a minimum rating in a number of seasons, it really is just "Meaningless Internet Points". If there were some penalty to having a low score and/or we knew exactly what to strive for to make those points go upward the fastest, that'd be "better" but frankly I'm quite content not caring about that number at all. I'm only replying to this thread because I'm taking a break at work and don't have anything else to do! Big Grin
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My personal goal is to have fun. I think Rating is useful in terms of drivers distribution to get more equal races. I do not care about the rating, but I'd love to be one of those fastest guys, and it won't be today or tomorrow Big Grin (probably never!)

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