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With the current series finishing this week, Will there be new series next week?
As i am new to SRS, and this was my first Series(RS500, starting with donnington park), I'm unsure what will happen next week. I hope there will be new series, but i haven't seen anything mentioned here in the forums. Is there any news on what series will be next and when?
The new series for AC will be announced during the weekend, so don't worry!
Yep normally announced on Saturday with a new forum post.

Once announced they will appear here in more detail until the schedule goes live on the Monday

Yeah, it will be announced on Saturday. But I don't see a reason why is it so "late". I think a week ahead would be better. Everybody could use few extra days. Drivers and painters. Especially for one-off races like Monday YT series. And I don't think the "new series hype" would die down.
Also keep an eye on the news section of the forum as post will be made with all the details.
Deadline day for the YouTubers series races is Friday so won't get anything before that.
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