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Brands Hatch - Ford Sierra
Alex, i look like you enjoy the Sierra a lot, nice clean driving, i am losing a lot with this car in comparsion to you
Alex will soon be renamed Cosworth Man!
An Old Dog Learning New Tricks
@Alex Leif   Ok. I finally figured out how to do this. I did a few dozen laps with the higher gear ratio and I watched your video a bunch of times to study the gear changes. Still couldn't get under 1:41:874. My best is a 1:39:510  I was getting a ton of under-steer for some reason. Anyway, check it out and I can't wait to hear the painful feedback..haha!!  
Since the series has moved to the Seat Leon at Brands I'd thought I'd compare my times using the paddles in the TCR to the Sierra with the TH-8. This was my fastest lap by almost a full second and it's really sloppy. Very jerky. Again appreciate any tips or advice. Thanks. 
One thing i noticed right away is that you turn your wheel way too much, for example in Surtees corner you are turning your wheel over 180 degrees, which means you're having understeer and you try to correct it by turning your wheel even more when this actually makes the understeer even worse and wears out your tires quickly.

Your lines seem decent but you're not using the whole width of the track, for example on Paddock Hill you can go more outside on exit, on druids entry you're not nearly as left as you could be for turn in and same thing in Surtees, on Westfield you can take way more tighter line on the inside, basically you want to "cut" the corner so that your left side tyres are barely inside white lines and same thing on Sheene's bend, again on Stirling's you're not utilising the whole track for the exit and same story on Clarck's bend.

Just by utilising the whole track you will shave of couple of seconds from your time.
(02-18-2019, 11:19 AM)Jason Schofield Wrote:  @Alex Leif   Ok. I finally figured out how to do this. I did a few dozen laps with the higher gear ratio and I watched your video a bunch of times to study the gear changes. Still couldn't get under 1:41:874. My best is a 1:39:510  I was getting a ton of under-steer for some reason. Anyway, check it out and I can't wait to hear the painful feedback..haha!!  

OK Jason, that is great, nice video and the pedal inputs are really visible, perfect.

I can't disagree with anything Eero has already said, and didn't think of much more to say on the first watch.

Regarding line, I see most people make the mistake you did on the final corner (also this exact thing on Parabolica at Monza). Sure if you drive a F1 car you want to be taking the wide line on the exit, but in most cars you want to treat this as a double apex corner. Come in for the first apex, this is the slowest part of the corner, then let it drift out to about half track width then back in to the second apex for a much shorter line up the straight (which isn't straight of course Smile )

Then I watched the video a couple more times just looking at the pedal inputs.
Keep your eye on the red bar (brake) and wait to see the braking points.. each and every time you are braking, you are also pressing the accelerator by about 20-25%.
Concentrate on staying off the gas totally until you are going to blip for each downshift. You are harming your braking performance quite a lot I would say.
So I think the Heel-Toe method is not right, you need to be totally off the throttle during brake application and then blip gas if you can without changing brake force at all, and then no more gas until next blip!

If you eliminate that mistake and get a bit closer to the edge of the track, then concentrate on just NEVER making a mistake. Consistency is king. Nobody is born alien fast but falling off the track all over the place. You have to get consistent, THEN by default you get faster.
You can push for 5 laps and gain only 0.5, maybe a second or two if you aren't consistent to begin with, but then lose it all in one corner from a mistake. NEVER push. Never try to make up time braking. ALWAYS concentrate on getting a better corner exit than the other guy.

And most of all...

Enjoy yourself Big Grin
Firstly, how far away are you sitting from the wheel? It seems in the Sierra you are really far away. I think you should move your seat position closer to the wheel which will give you a wider FOV. I try to position myself so that my virtual steering wheel is exactly where my real steering wheel is. The computers arms become mine. I dont think you are correctly positioned because you have a different FOV in the Seat...

I noticed you hardly ever use the full amount of braking pressure available as well. Also when you get off the gas pedal there is a delay before you get on the brake - it needs to be instantaneous, no lag time.

You are experiencing excessive under steer because you are getting on the gas too early (just before the apex), the front tires are still trying to turn the car but the acceleration forces over ride the steering forces and the car wont turn = understeer. You need to brake harder and deeper into the corner, turn, then accelerate as much as traction will allow you to, out of the corner. Think of the corner more like a V instead of a U. Point and shoot technique works well in the fwd cars.
all right. Lots of good stuff to work on here. 
@Eero Jarvinen I was thinking that maybe I was missing a lot of my marks because I was focusing on the heel-toe thing but after I did the same course in the Seat Leon w/ the paddle shifters it was just as bad.  I think it's just me..haha.. 
@ Alex Leif I recently moved my brake pedal over closer to the throttle for easier heel-toe. Now I can see that I'm totally pressing on the side of the throttle every time I break. Just like you said about 25%. Guess I'll have to move it back over. Probably turning down the gain on the throttle input wouldn't be a good idea? I can't usually see my feet as I race in VR but by putting the pedal app right in front I instantly saw what you were talking about.  
@ Jason Jones it looks far back because I race in VR when I go to record the replay in Shadowplay I have to wear my headset so it probably looks off. Still figuring that stuff out. There's got to be an easier way. 

I really appreciate everyone taking the time to help me out. Thanks again, Jason
Hey everyone, sorry for butting in, just my two bits:
Jason, watching Alex's lap in Brands and yours, one thing is immediately clear: your tires are completely quiet, whereas Alex's scream and shout throughout all the corners. To me, it means you're not pushing the car enough, it is all too tranquil. You can start by braking harder (and not at 50% or less, as J. Jones observed rightly), this will reduce your braking distance and increase your tire temperature, increasing the grip. Remember that a squeaky tire is a happy tire.
I use the Nvidia screen capture feature to record my videos, then I use handbrake to downgrade it enough so that I can upload it to youtube within a reasonable amount of time on my terrible upload speed connection.

I turned off the automatic replay recording in the game menu, which will then let you screen capture. Then just start recording when you start driving.

Otherwise, when you go to watch the replay, switch the "rendering" setting from Occulus to Single Screen. Then you can screen capture the replay without having to wear the headset.

hope that makes sense.

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