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Skin check nice you carry on
Because if when I enter the server it tells me that my skin has been loaded correctly and then watching the video on Youtube my car goes blank as if the skin was not loaded correctly.sorry for me englis
first time you upload the skin? or did y update?
(02-11-2019, 10:03 PM)¿Simracingsystem Wrote:  primera vez que subes la piel? o te actualicé?
in this car the seat lion, the first time I put it up
was it visible afterwards on another race?
(02-12-2019, 06:53 PM)simracingsystem Wrote:  was it visible afterwards on another race?

I was watching several videos and none came out today I will check again
and reduced the size of the skin below 10 mg about 8, and in the transmission of youtub the skin continues to come out in white I do not know if the problem is mine or srstv, it tells me that the skin was charged correctly, because I do not know what to do

the skin folder has to have my srs name
If you successfully uploaded an older skin and want to update to a new one, you need to create a new folder (same name) to put the skin into. The App checks the folder's creation date, not necessarily the file creation/modification dates inside to know to replace them on the SRSTV client.
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I still cannot upload a new lotus 25 skin after trying for several weeks.
I always get "skin has been updated", but never "uploaded".  New folders, dates, used "touch" to change all file/folder dates.
Success with other skins, but the lotus just won't take... maybe have to delete "launcherdata folder" or another?  Huh
happened to me too with some cars, size OK, name OK and on livestream only one color car (plain red instead of yellow)

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