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New Assetto Corsa Series starting january 14!!
Overall I like this schedule, P1GTR, Lotus 25 and RS01 all look nice for me, although I don't like GT3/4 occupancy of major Euro time slots, but I guess people are really used to these cars and it's gonna be great racing.

It will be really nice to see LMP1 here someday Smile I understand it's not the easiest class of cars, but I believe it can provide good racing (maybe with a kind of rating restriction) and enjoyable driving.
Really good election of cars, see you on the track guys!
(01-12-2019, 10:21 AM)Tobias¬†Puell Wrote:  No EU (daily 1 hour races) in GT3 or GTE Cry

they were here for 2 seasons, it always changes like this, its good
Im wondering as well why LMP1's are never featured. I ve found one championship in the historical results, maybe it didn't go well or too unbalanced? I don't think theses cars are that difficult to drive, at least compared to some "fake race car", the overpowered/weak chassis types.

Some interesting series nonetheless this month.
It should be for P1 South America series races all days, as in the other regions.
[b]Andres C.[/b]
Sad to see no (modern) F1 cars again...

Possible I might risk some Lotus 25 races, but otherwise I'll likely see you all in another 6 weeks Wink
Max, Lotus 25 is best car in next 6 weeks, it is old with no aero or electronic, but relatively easy to drive, the spins are catcheable ,
Hi Michal, yes I've given it a go and it can be quite fun at times. I don't have a H-shifter though, only flappy paddles, so makes it feel a little off with the gear changes.
Damn!! This selection is amazing!! How long will it stay like this?
6 weeks I think Javi

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