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New Assetto Corsa Series starting December 3rd!!
The car selection is on point!, and also good for my Argentinian fellows who are having a race at a nice hour (which means admin is listening to suggestions, at least the good ones, that's nice). I'm specially glad to see the Tatuus is back, I think that's a really fun car to drive.
(12-01-2018, 02:33 AM)simracingsystem Wrote:  it's 15:00 GMT

thank you
Thank you SRS for giving a dedicated series GT2 for latam drivers!

1 hour Daily Series
We will continue to provide championships for different regions and with a new south America championship:

GT2SouthAmerica: 00:00 GMT (fridays & saturdays)

Thanks in advance
Awesome. The RUF Yellowbird races are going to be a riot! Cant wait!
Loving the Yellowbird great choice SRS. Hope people practice plenty with it though she is a handful.
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Thank you SRS. What a great selection Cool
Thank you for listening to our request, happy to have a series that fits the Latin American drivers.

(12-01-2018, 04:08 AM)Andres Castaned Wrote:  Thank you SRS for giving a dedicated series for latam drivers!

Andrés te invito a conocer nuestra comunidad https://assettoargentina.wixsite.com/acaarg
I Thanks for the new series. Just would have loved to have the GTE’s in the mix with the GT2’s but anyway....
(11-30-2018, 11:24 PM)Michal Janak Wrote:  the RUF, nice car but for daily racing not quite good option, i am not the best driver but i thing i am capable to do some consistent result , but when try this car hardly hold it on the road , i thing there will be many, many, many incidents

I love modesty  Big Grin
Best Regards

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Can we have the link to the RS500 please. Don't want to skin for the wrong version.
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