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New Automobilista series starting November 20th
We are delighted to announce the new series for Automobilista, starting Ocotober 9th!

Youtuber Series

This season we will host 2 youtuber series, all hosting 10 min qualify + 20 min races:
  • Tuesdays  01:00 GMT - Sim-Force - Boxer Cup
  • Tuesdays 20:00 GMT- Abgefahren  - Formula Truck

For more details check the following link

See you on track!

[Image: AMS_SeriesNovember18.jpg]
Thumbs Up 
I'm glad that the AMS is still driven. Cool
I am sad that there are only so few. Cry
But thanks anyway Heart
You may want to check the date Wink
TPC SimRacing driver and painter
Thanks for add new series! I'd love to race F Truck on american schedule too!!!

What's about the last race of Porsche Cup? It's at time of pre-Christmas dinner, maybe you didn't realize that Smile

Automobilista Porsche Cup Champion (x2) Cool  

Automobilista Lancer RS Cup Champion Sleepy

Automobilista Mini Challenge Champion
Which Location to download? Imola!
Imola is official DLC content, not a 3rd party mod.

F-trucks look super fun and the Boxer cup has interesting venues ( too bad it's a bit late for me to race)

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