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F317 season? :)
It's been a long time since we had a proper Dallara F3 season here at SRS at the European evenings.
With winter coming and a new srs season, too - it would be great to have another epic season with the new Dallara F317.
Daily races at 2200 CEST?  Angel  Looking forward!
BTW: As an alternative the good old Exos would also be a nice option. Both offer great online racing, the F317 arguably even better than the Exos.
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I would love that!

23:00 CEST is fine by me too.

That was an incredibly fun series last winter, yes.
Amazing list of awesome achievements: 5th Lotus 25 2018, 4th DRM 2019, 5th ASR Williams FW14 vs. Ferrari 643 2019

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