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Why so few nordschleife races?
I've noticed there are lots of a few kinds of races and only maybe 1 a day of things like TC F1 and the Nordschleife. Why is it like this?
Nordschleife seems to be extremely popular (73 people registered and i missed registration by a few seconds.)
If there really was one Nordschleife race every day that would be good, sadly there are times when it doesn’t pop up for weeks on end. That is just the nature of having to cater for all tastes, strangely some people don’t love Nords like we do and would I am sure complain if it featured all the time.

One great thing about racing on SRS at nords is not having to deal with blue flagged drivers much due to the length of a lap. On a normal track this is my most commonly experienced issue here, countless races ruined by crashing idiots who have already fallen minutes behind after only a fraction of an already short race.

All we can do is vote with our feet. See a combo you hate? Don’t join it. Just like I am refusing to join the MX5 daily races this season, I could race it every day in the week as it is at the best evening slot for me, but I want the numbers to be low in vain attempt to discourage from using such easy / boring combos. Also such slow cars attract imo the wrong sort of client, a psychologist’s wet dream one might say lol.
first of all i have to say i hate this track BUT i will try to stay objective on the bad things of north.

it's popular because anyone wanna race at north, but only a fraction of who join knows the track.

usually much more crashes than normal tracks

track position is too important, and anyone will try to pass at turn 1, with always a huge mess, because the other overtake point other than t1 is the final straight (8 minutes later..), but even in that with a similar setup/same car, is very hard to pass..

after the first lap the gap of the drivers are already big, because of incidents and differences of who knows the track and who doesn't.

the quali isn't about going fast, but just do a lap without cut, and it's a train.

Alex is right, who doesn't like it could not join (i always avoided it till this week) but as second placed in the euro audi champ i have to do it eheh.
Somebody just posted this question, which should answer your question
Can I ask, is the 20 incident limit for a race in force, as I notice that a number of drivers with more than 20 incidents on the 1 hour, Nordschleife '
Nords doesn't really fit the format here. I've long said that 1 hour races don't really fit the format here (for other reasons), and you need 1 hour minimum to have Nords even be worth the bother. Typical lap times for people who know the track well are 6-7 minutes, so you need like 3-4 times that just to have a qualifying that can get the whole "pack knows the track from pack that doesn't" issue out of the way (like Stefano above was mentioning).

The track is pretty and fun and all, but unless it's a grid full of people who REALLY know the track, it really is a wasted slot for 20min-1hr races for SRS, in my opinion.
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I was interested in seeing the opinions that would come up, and I appreciate them. But I'm also aware that there will always be people who don't like something, which has clearly been expressed in this thread, each with their own reason(s).
So my point is, why an over-saturation of one thing that people don't like while another is under-represented?
Many more Nordscheife races please, shorter ones too with slower/easier cars. I did my first Nordschleife SRS race recently, expected mayham and was surprised how well it went for most drivers on this difficult combo.

btw. using a track mod for more pitstalls would be great too.
Yeah, A lot of us had a bumpy start and of course, there was the first lap, first turn drama, but everyone spread out during the rest of the hour. It was pretty fun.

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