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Server 1
Ok makes sense.

SRS really could use some kind of sporting code which you have to accept on registration. Maybe Mr. Alves just needs help to write one? I bet he'd find someone who would help out if he wanted to do it.
Russell painted a perfect picture with whats going on in SRS. I think there is nothing more to add.

Regarding the iRacing topic: I think you cannot compare both leagues, simply because iRacing was created to be an online Sim Racing Client and Assetto Corsa not. Let's not forget that SRS was implemented by a third party to enable "good" online racing, since - let's be real - AC's native online mode is straight garbage (useless UI, no option to create servers on the fly for some quick, fun races with friends etc).
Another point is that iRacing is MASSIVELY expensive to an extend that I ask myself: will it ever be worth it for me personally? I think not. And it's not like in SRS that you can jump straight into a GT3 race (or some "higher" class cars). So in addition to paying you also have to grind the game until you reach your desired racing series (as long as you don't want to drive a Skippy all your life). Therefore people that use iRacing have a "deeper" connection to their Sim Racing hobby as people on SRS.
(09-19-2018, 06:26 PM)Russell┬áSobie Wrote:  Because people pay actual money and not just time for the service, and you can, as far as I know, be banned permanently without any refunds given for any car/track purchases. Here, you can get banned permanently but I am guessing that SRSAdmin doesn't spend a lot of his time making absolutely sure that someone he has banned doesn't create a new account with new credentials the next day. And you won't be missing any cars or tracks you purchased since those are outside of the SRS service completely.

Also, iRacing has this: https://d3bxz2vegbjddt.cloudfront.net/me...1029.3.pdf

And SRS has this: http://www.simracingsystem.com/regulation.php

I think a whole lot of asshats that stumble into SRS simply don't even know they are SUPPOSED to behave. They are just playing Burnout Paradise with others.

Well then, maybe server 1 should be restricted to incident average of say 4.0?
Some great answers, I'm not comparing with other sim ranking services (especially an rFactor clone that's pay to play Wink ) though.

I just wondered why all the servers are set the same, I thought possibly it was just easier to set up that way from a tech point of view Smile

Personally though I'd like a top server to be higher than the lower ones in all aspects regardless of driver ability mainly because most here can use a racing sim no matter what server they are on, yes there are those that use the armco as deflection and maybe your car as a brake at times but in general most (ok quite a few) here can do it .
Having the damage level low imo just encourages the ones that can't race to stay longer.

(09-20-2018, 11:24 AM)Maciek Sobczak Wrote:  Well then, maybe server 1 should be restricted to incident average of say 4.0?

Yes a reduction of all main aspects of server 1 including incident rating could be good too
At this point I'm pretty much on server 1 every race I register for. Given the turnout for and behavior of some server 1 races, I would be really annoyed if damage was higher than 60%. I got t-boned twice this morning in the MX5 series and when I set aside an hour of my morning to race, I'm most likely going to stick it out even if I get spun in turn one and plowed into by the entire grid.

Something else I forgot to add to my novel earlier in the thread: if damage levels are turned up, people who are actually out to purposefully ruin the races of others will be able to do so much more easily. This is actually the most obvious point to make when speaking about the difference that damage multipliers actually affect driver behavior... it's just so alien to me (as a non-asshole driver) that I forgot to bring it up.

I know you guys think making things "more real" will make people be more careful, but at the end of the day, most can very easily tell that this isn't real life racing with all the risks to bodily harm and financial ruin that that entails. The only way that people actually behave while racing in simulators is because they WANT to behave. Not because the game will punish them if they do not.
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