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Alfa TZ skin
Here's my skin for the new Alfa season. Something simple, it's my second skin and first in Mudbox. Thanks Russel for your tutorial and your videos (I wish they didn't go as fast sometimes Smile). You might recognize the theme... but it's not because of my lack of imagination, it's because you've been around too longĀ  Tongue
I choked on the rims though. I have a very vague notion of how they work to begin with, and I managed to make them black but then I don't know how to make a blurry version. Any tips or pointers ?


Nice job!

Looks like the blur file is rotated 90 degrees in this mod for some reason. I guess because it's a replacement model when the wheels get up to speed? I'm not all that familiar with how AC does such animations. In general what I do when creating a blur version of a texture for wheels is just copy the original wheel texture, select the total of the rotating part of the wheel, then do a Filter>Radial Blur... and then tweak to taste so it looks something like the original.

In this case, you'd probably be better off just copying their original DDS and putting some color layers on top of it. When you use that conversion application it should dump a texture folder where you extract the .fbx. I use Content Manager's CW Showroom to find out what texturing is used on what body part, then grab the texture from the texture folder.

[Image: DGLkXPl.png]
[Image: bG5fA8P.png]

And then in the case of this, just find the _blur version and grab that. Why it is bright green, I'm not sure... that's usually what normal maps look like? You might be able to get away with just putting dark gray or black right over the top of what's in rim_blur_D.DDS and calling it a day. You could probably even save some drive space by making the texture 4x4 or something stupidly tiny, since you are going with black. Smile
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Couldn't make the radial blur solution work so I went for the other one (which I had tried but I'd missed something). The result is half-arsed but that will do. Thanks for your help !
I will curse you for that license plate when I creep up on your rear ;-)
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And hopefully lose some focus :p But I hope it shows from far enough Wink
AHAHAH, I've done something similar but with the Maserati - had two big middel fingers at the back!
I really like the simplicity in your skin. It suits the cars super well!
Thanks Matthias, appreciate it.

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