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Monday Seat Leon TCR
Hi all,
Just wondering what tracks are going to be used, as Monday is not far away and would like to get some practice in

2018-09-10 Barcelona GP
2018-09-17 Silverstone GP
2018-09-24 Magione
2018-10-01 Mugello
2018-10-08 Monza
2018-10-15 Imola

Check it out here:
Yeah sorry was having a blonde moment. Looks nice, but Imola, the Corner Cutting Circuit of the century, I wish people would not use that, as it makes me sick that I have to cut corners, just to keep it a level playing field.
All geared up, ready to rock and roll Smile
Oh I love Imola, one of my favourite tracks. Yes I agree it could be made better with a couple of strategically placed immovable objects here and there, but still racing there is very enjoyable.

Ready for the Leon then! See you on the track gents.
Four drivers in a tenth on today's qualy. That's why I love closed setups! Big Grin
yes David, a corner and you come from a pole to fifth .. with a open setup you can cancel the error with a superior setup.

such a nice race too for first and podium position!
I am so sorry, I hit somebody, not sure who that was, but I was stuttering and then my internet died, and then had a power cut.

Just wanted to apologise


Now this one is out the way, let's get the update sorted and done, you will all love it Smile....I hope HA HA
How come there is nothing from this race on Youtube?
Hey, is it possible to get the seat leon set earlier? I suppose it's going to be like before, where there was a "fixed" setup. Does anyone know how it looks like and can send me a link, or a screenshot, or anything? Smile

The old setup that was used some time ago is also fine, i just need anything to start with Smile

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