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New season
(09-12-2018, 09:58 PM)David Weber Wrote:  
(09-12-2018, 05:47 PM)Russell Sobie Wrote:  I almost ducked into an Alfa race yesterday after work but only had 30 minutes before the race started to put it around Silverstone 67 a few times. I realized by turn 2 that it would take longer than 30 minutes for me to figure out how to not kill myself or others in a race, so I went back to practicing Audi TT Cup for Jean/Sim-Force races later in the evening. Big Grin

So true! I don't trust myself in that car. Even on an empty grid, I'd probably rack up a load of incidents.

Actually, I find these cars somewhat 'easy to learn', yes it's prone to oversteer nearly out of every corner. It's more based on your wheel input instead of your throttle input as it's only 160 hp (i think).

But on the other side, yeah obviously this car is harder to drive than the Audi TT Cup 

Also, only 15l fuel will last you the whole 20min race, they are built with ecological in mind  Cool

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