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What stands SP for in the standings?
see title
Lars Mars
Gentdrivers Team
I think it's your finishing positions added together for that particular championship. I'm guessing its used in the event of a points tie.
It stands for "Sum of Positions" and is one of the factors used as a tie breaker. For example if you finish 3rd in the first race and 4th in the second then your SP will be 7. Lower SP is better although it's incredibly rare that it is ever used.
It must be a sticky a this point  Wink

I think it can also define your server position eventually, i ve seen people with higher rating not getting P1 in the pit maybe because of the sp. It's not very important but always nice to get out first in quali, if it comes to that.

Now why people want to go that fast on outlaps.. (subsidiary question)

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