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Why are there no rFactor 2 series available?
I joined SRS excited at the prospect of racing rf2 online, bummed to see there aren't any available. Is it because of low interest or what?
I believe series in RF2 have been put on hold until the sim is in a more stable state as opposed to it's heavily WIP position right now. They don't want to have a season up and running and risk an rF2 update breaking SRS implementation halfway through, especially when multiplayer and UI stuff is set for huge changes in the near future.

Pretty sure once rF2 races can happen again, they will happen again. It's also the only sim available to SRS to run oval races in which a few people here want to be a thing again, so no doubt it'll be back at some point.
That makes sense, that's a bummer but I understand. Thanks for the answer man!

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