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Need clarification on The Simpit series
The SRS site is showing Monaco GP as the next track in that series but I had heard from The Simpit that the track has been changed to Okayama Piper due to Monaco (At least the version they submitted) being ripped.
I'd be very grateful if the admin could confirm which track it will be as I'm now confused about which track to practice for. Thank you in advance.
Yeah, Will. This needs clarification.
Eduardo Sá (ºLº)
I just tried to do some testing on the suggested version of Monaco, and it is way too small and poorly proportioned to be raced.
The hairpin is impossible to take without a scandi flick in first gear. Even crawling at 2mph in 1st gear, I hit the exit barrier.

Please verify the change mentioned above, since I (and many others) need as much practice as possible to even be on the same track as the aliens. Smile
The track was changed to Okayama Piper.

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