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Next level implementations for SRS
Hey, I want to tell you a few ideas that I thought could be alright. But first, want to congratulate you, admin (if you're reading this) for creating this AMAZING system/mod. I'm very inexperienced in sim racing (just got into it 3 or 4 months ago), but when I see something great, I can realize it ain't any type of mediocre thing, this is that case, and I tkink it can get a little bit better.
Actually, there is no discussion iRacing has the best online service in sim racing, and I'm not talking about physics, licences, graphics, etc, I'm talking about ratings and how massive and organized it is. Here in SRS we actually have a rating (wich I think only admins know how it works), but i think it's just a number, no matter what you have, you are able to compete in basically all of the categories. I'm 100% sure this have been proposed before, but anyway this are my implemetations:

1) Have two separate ratings, one for the skill of the driver (based on hotlaps and developement in the races for example), and another one for establishing how clean the driver is (based on offtracks, crashes, jump-starts and all kinds of penalties).

2) Establishing "classes" based on the ratings that I previously talked about. I think that maybe it's better that the majority of races are organized depending on the category, so the "bad" drivers race together for learning how to behave in the track with other guys. For example, the main objective is that people race with somebody with the same level of "skill" rating, and in a second order, this people has to race with somebody with the same "clean" rating. The skill rating allows you to utilize more cars, for example, the noobs start with abarth, then if you get more rating you are allowed to race with gt3.

3) This one is a game-changer, it's the utilization of stracker and ptracker. I'm sure that any other member told you about this, and I don't know why it's not implemented, but I'm sure it will be an amazing addon. Mostly to compare laps and organizing the championships.

4) Obligatory utilization of helicorsa/car radar/crew chief (any kind of spotter). I know this apps are very popular in the community, but always there's a chance somebody insn't using them and are maybe causing accidents.

5) Establishing some ping limits it's a key factor for having a good racing experience, it's very annoying share track with a car that you just don't know where it is, makes things even more difficult, lots of accidents can happen and races can be ruined because a guy with really high ping

I know all of these require tons of people using SRS, but I really trust in the community and hoping they share this ideas in forums and upvoting this on reddit. If that happens, we can make Assetto Corsa's online service get to a different level, sure it takes a lot of work, but as I said, the community here is really good, so maybe if each one can contribute with little things, this could come true. So my final implementation is:

5) Spam everywhere, in forums, discord chats, facebook pages, etc, that if they want to race the best way to do it it's via SRS. The main objective it's to get more people in here so that when you race, there's people with your same level. I think there are lots of people that don't want to race here because they aren't that fast.We have to emphazise more than anything that SRS is for everybody, and if you are a total noob in sim racing (like me), you can race with people of the same level and learn all together without getting smashed by fast guys.

That's the end of this post, maybe it's long, but can help a lot to AC's online and of course the drivers themselves. I hope you enjoyed it and please tell me if you agree or disagree with this. Thank you all for taking some minutes for reading this.

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