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Daniel Juncadella wins at Brands Hatch
It's Daniel Juncadella's first DTM season and today he got his first win!
What an amazing achievement!
Congrats to our fellow Simracer and DTM Racewinner!

Not sure if there is a english stream, but here's the link to todays race!
There isn't just an english stream, there is an entire Youtube channel with past and also live (and multicam!) races: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwKq447...dAQWMmFnfg
DTM is broadcasted for free on this official channel, I higly suggest to subscribe, it's the first year I'm watching this, but so far there has been a lot of absolutely amazing races, included this afternoon one... Tomorrow Race 2, and grats to Daniel for today win!
Bit sad. Went to Brands today to have Danny's autograph and maybe say hello. Went to the pit crawl and the announcer said they were on another place. By the time I got there, everybody had packed up Sad

If he's still around here's a pic I've taken
[Image: 38967953_455805881605328_433265174707699...e=5C124394]

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