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Kicking high then 150 ping players.
Well. I feel very sad of having to say that again. I think the other thread about this was enough, but a second one about the theme is a bit shameful.

Again, people consider ping as the main parameter of a good connection for simracing. Connection's lack of stability can be much more harmful than ping. Example. Consider if the mean of the ping you are looking for is 150 ms. If someone has a variation of ping from 70 to 210 ms, that will show the same mean of 140ms if it constantly has peaks of 210. It can be very common if you are downloading torrents, YouTube broadcasting, and mainly, using Wireless connections in any point of the traceroute (rural internet connections or 4G, for example). So, you can be cutting people with stable connection above 250 ms that has almost any harmfulness than a ping of 140ms with tons of jitter. I use to race in RaceRoom that is much more connection sensitive and I have so many good battles there, even being in a 250ms+ ping. I take care of my connection. I had problems with one guy that was a way more near the servers (he was in Greece) that I coudn't have a battle with him, because of its connection instability. I told him about it, and simply, next race, it was enough to him change his connection and have a good race. Period.

Assetto Corsa hasn't the worst netcode of all. If you don't know, ping is a sum of the time for sending plus the one of receiving a packet. So, UDP packets from Assetto, to keep synchronized, can be sent in a rate that is the double of the ping says, because the next package must be in a track position that is ahead from the last package. If it doesn't happens, the package is discarted. So, it is very possible you are getting a smoothied response from server that tracks points in the (1/ (PING/2)) / second. Example, a 200ms ping means for each 100ms, one package is going to server if the internet is stable. It does mean that you have 10 points of spline control of trajectory plus braking point and G-forces heuristics (I suppose it has) that is controlled by the game, even with its 100ms + (1/(server fps)) + (YourPing)/2 to see the brake light. Trajectory is controlled by spline calculations that is sent to you by the server and corrected every (yourPING)/2 miliseconds to you. When these corrections are minimal, no difference is noticed. Otherwise, simracing could not be possible. That is only possible for racing or other very similar kinds of games, so, comparing simracing with other games is a really bad comparison.

If you calculate this in that bad connection of 140ms ping I supposed, you can have constant warping because one or more packages are being received by the server after the package that had a position 'n' is being received after position 'n+1' and 'n+2' because, for example, a package resend requested by the wireless router or a different route of a couple of packages "after the modem". It happens with bad manufactured devices too. That package 'n' is discarted from calculation. On the server side, it will be received the n+1 and n+2 packages and used to send you the likely position of the cars around you by sending corrected polinomial coeficients to your game. If you have 3 packages (points) lost in a row, the game will have to treat a 210ms (70+70+70) of absent points to create a spline curve that is going to be changed suddenly, causing warping. So, even a 140ms connection is not a good parameter for cutting a player from the server if a person with his "bad" 250ms make the game perform a better polinomial line of car's position probability.

Remember that the main issue here is the lack of good sense, not the tecnologies and math involved.
I hope that a bit of math can change your minds and make this discussion to an end.

Cheers and let the good people race.
Eduardo (ºLº)
Eduardo Sá (ºLº)

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