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New Assetto Corsa Series starting July 30!
Thank you SRS
I really like this monthly plan.
To much great series, to little time.
I'm really looking forward to this month
only hoped for some more old cars like ferrari 330

so only Mazda 787B can be counted

shame is that there is approx 10 circuits used again and again and many originals from AC never used
(07-28-2018, 09:54 AM)László Nagy Wrote:  
(07-28-2018, 08:15 AM)Alex Leif Wrote:  Great stuff thank you SRS!

One question - I see that there is a paid mod pack (RSS GT1, €11.90) being used, is it likely to be used again? As I am quite hesitant to buy it just for one single 20m race on a monday. I wonder how many SRS users out there already have the pack?
I hope we will not  see again Smile

I am very disappointed with this schedule...Monday euro youtuber series was home for classic low aero cars, or historic cars... Now we get a shitty paid mod in Gt category with high aero :SadNo , thanks

For daily we get a fixed gt4 , a classic spaceship and a street car  with abs Sad

No friday night youtuber serie :Sad 

Nowhere a Carrera , classic f1 , escort ,ferrari GTO or something similar car with low aero , no abs no tc car ...Just cars for girls...Smile

By the way thanks for that SRS share the next season schedule  earlier than we used to

Kind of +1 here.

Many fast high aero slick cars, boring and out of the skill for many.

GT86 street car... mmm done that long ago, not a good track car it needs to be moded and tuned to drive well but even the setup menu is locked out to adjust springs, dampers, ARBs without modding. GT86 turbo/supercharged tuned would have been nice.
787 daily wreckfest, oh yeah.

Cobra is nice but overpowered. At 1GMT, that's 3 in night for EU, not gonna do that either.

August aero slicks month.

No Porsche month.

MX5 cup is fun, when you bolt a turbo onto to it to make 250-300HP, the tyres are insane on it. Stock one... might just fall asleep, it's diving after diving after diving, no power, insane tyres, floor and dive all the way.

There are indeed plenty tracks in AC to choose from and variants of those tracks. It doesn't need to be the same track rotation every time.
and the BTCC , bad its is FWD, ugly pulling in steering wheel , lookes like the forces are to oposite side than expect in some moments
I agree with Laszlo and Jaroslav.
I just tried the Mazda, so unforgiving... races will be a drama.
Probably I'm in with the Maserati GT4.
I was hoping for some gp3/Dallara like car.
How about putting a rating limit at the Mazda 787 series?
(07-29-2018, 04:31 PM)George Pagidas Wrote:  How about putting a rating limit at the Mazda 787 series?

I think the servers will be empty on round 2...so no need rating limit because rookies (and most of under 800 players) will be understand that they can't manage a single lap in a 20 minutes race...Smile

I think mazda is a good car (not my taste because I don't like spaceships) but it 's not for daily series..For daily we need much slower cars ...

Mazda is for a youtuber serie as Shelby cobra was in couple of seasons ago...There were awesome races and I met the most talented racers in SRS. I hope that Cobra will be return for an Euro youtuber serie soon...

Mazda would be good on Monday euro night instead the shitty paid mod Smile
I can understand being hesitant about paid mods, but the RSS GT pack is sublime. All the power of modern GT3 minus some grip and electronic aids equals a car that needs focus nearly 100 per cent of the time, not to mention the cars look and sound quite nice indeed. Being manual sequential cars too means that braking basically requires blipping on downshifts, so they're much more involving cars to drive than the GTE/GT2/GT3 content in AC. Shame I can't participate as the Euro YT series are at an ungodly hour for Aussies, but I've got my fingers crossed this series is a success and they're used again in the daily 1 hour race series or something like that in the future.

Happy with the series choices apart from that too. A Group C monster in a 20 min daily is a brave choice for a series, but one I appreciate nonetheless.
Mazda is one of my favorites and RSS is really nice too, so I'm quite happy with new calendar. 
With Mazda I would say that softer rear and using high gears will give you pretty easy ride.. If I try to max revs in corners It's a troublemaker for sure.
Really liking the rrs cars. Reminds me of early simbin games.

My new wheel arrived today too so now no more unpredictable gear changes.
TPC SimRacing driver and painter

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