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Low races avaiable; Assetto Corsa no DLC
Hello all! 

Im going to tell you my situation:
I have Assetto Corsa with no DLCs right now.
There arent enough race series offered this time, just the Caterham Series(every 5 or 6 hours) or sometimes a Ginetta GT4 Series(at 3:00 AM  for my country) or Dallara F3 Series(one per week/depends on dlc or not) and the Oreca Series (one per week).

I think you could add any several race with no DLC content every day, at least to choose between 2 series, like the Caterham or another similar.
Thank you guys, see you on the track!
That's literally more series than AMS has at all. For a game that's been out for so long, I don't think that's an unreasonable amount of vanilla racing.
Some of the packs are considered a must buy.

Sure if you want to get into GT3 using the official cars you kind of have to get almost all packs because that's how Kunos likes to make money, by splitting popular car series into as many DLCs as possible.

Also AC+all_DLCs (Assetto Corsa Ultimate Edition, 40EUR but I think it was 20EUR during sales) in 2017 and 2018 costs same or less than most of use paid for just the bare AC in it's first 2 years. You could have bought the whole thing for around 10-20 EUR month ago. No idea maybe these discounts, promotions, summer sales are still going, AC and DLCs have been on discounts for ages now making it way more affordable than what many of us had to pay when it was released.

If you want to race non DLC... you're stuck with racing mods. And for that you can go to Race Department Caterham webpage, or any other mod you like, and donate to those that are making these mods for anyone to use.
Yeah I paid full price for every pack on literally the first hour of release every single time, now you can get them for a fraction of the cost, when most people have all DLC why penalise them with less choice just for the tiny number of people who don’t have them, as Jaroslav says you can get them so cheap or even buy the ultimate edition which has all DLC and is dirt cheap.
Who wants, looks for ways. Who doesn't want, looks for reasons
I'm all for supporting developers so they can continue to develop and put out products in the future.
To me, this is a reasonable ask. It's a one time buy, and like mentioned earlier, everything was on sale with a 50% or greater discount a few weeks ago. You could have purchased AC and all DLCs combined for less than $60.

It's not like EA with constant and continuous micro-transactions left and right.
I recently purchased AC with all the DLC for £30 on steam . Couldn't believe it when I seen how cheap.
I know I'd like more races without paid DLC, gets you a wider audience too. I'd prefer to race with some more free quality mods from racedepartment. That seems ideal. Both free mod cars and tracks please!

Also if they can, around peak hours, consider having a race once every half an hour? that could give more variety too
Buying AC plus all DLC is probably the best value for money thing that has ever existed. I have literally never had so many hours of enjoyment from so little money, nothing even comes close. Just treat yourself, you will not regret it!
Too bad can't purchase it, deal is only for new users...

Even then, $40 USD equates to $56 Au so I'd be paying for a whole new game. Not all the cars interest me but the older porsches ferraris and whatever is most used online is what I'd pay for. So yeah I should get the Ultimate, but at the same time it's the price of a whole new game...

But negatives I'd say is some of the sounds are off and lack fidelity. Porsche 917k doesn't sound quite right to name one.

If you're a hardcore sim racer, with over $1000 in sim euqipment... it's an easy purchase. But I'm on the fence. If I get it will be because more people online are using it, I'm sick of racing spa lol

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