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AC/RR schedule
I think it would be a good idea to have different schedules for Raceroom and Assetto series, I mean, if AC series run at 1:00, 2:00, etc, RR series might run at 1:30, 2:30, etc.
This way there would be more flexibility to join races as you won't need to wait an hour if you miss a race by a few minutes.
Interesting idea.

Pro: Less time to wait if you get the urge to race

Con: If there are consecutive AC and RR races you want to run, you can't because the first race won't be finished in time.
Yep, there is no a perfect solution, but the current schedule has also that con if you think.
Indeed, there is no perfect solution.
My experience with current schedule is that it makes those sims compete, needlessly. It is obvious that AC has far more popularity than R3E, so two races at the same time will have full AC servers and empty R3E servers.  R3E loses immensely because of that so much so that even if a player wants to race R3E, he will not register for R3E race when at the same time AC race has ~50 players registered. OTOH, it is not AC`s fault for R3E business model which is questionable.
Also, if you make schedule for example : AC race @1:30, R3E race @2:00 - the 20 minute races durate approximately 37 minutes, so a player who has chosen AC race will never make it in R3E race.
Maybe every 45 minutes?
I was about to post a similar suggestion so I guess I'm just gonna bump this thread Smile

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