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Toyota AE86 Tuned series
Couldn't get a decent pace in the qualy with a setup that I was comfortable with just the day before.
Just as the race was starting, changed the rear ARB to 1 and it made all the difference on the corner exits.

Lost a lot of positions with some crashes in front of me, but after getting some space, started climbing positions until fifht. Had a great race against Tiago and was getting close to 4th position, finishing around 2 seconds from him.
(07-10-2018, 08:57 PM)Jaroslav Černý Wrote:  Well today's weather and time was 13:00 clear.
What a pace, what a race.

If only you knew what happened for the 4 non leading cars...
Nothing much? Turn 4 some people think PIT maneuver is legal racing maneuver as always whether accidentally by being too aggressive or purposefully. For what a tight small track it is the start looks fairly clean until turn 4, you will never get a collision free first lap for the whole field, not when some people lag 100ms some 200ms even. I had 180-200ms behind me all race, for most part of race when I brake car behind me lags and nearly rear ends me as a result, sometimes I have to leave more space behind me or on inside just in case, it's not because he's doing it on purpose but because his lag is so damn high from North America to EU to be able to do any closer racing. Now when you have such people scattered through the whole field it can be a total chaos, they may brake just fine just right close enough but because of lag they still bump you, or side by side they warp and bump you or it can also shoot the cars apart at light speed in some sims. Sucks but it's what it is when SRS allows high latency.
I didn't see RC having much problem climbing through the field in race.

Is it any different up top? Not really. I was driving with one eye on rear view mirror almost, always checking how is the car behind me braking, do I need to stop braking sooner to avoid being bumped, do I need to go wide to give him more space, should I dive inside so he can fly out outside, what corner exit does he have on me, what is the car behind him doing. Are there any crashes on track to avoid in front, any blue flagged cars, is there anyone trying to exit pits, ...
At the faster pace we were doing there really is not much room for error and safety space to use, with slower pace you have plenty maneuverability (extra left over unused grip, braking distances, etc.) to bob and weave.

We had very similar issue up top in turn 4, I don't accelerate really and then brake for the 1m between turn 3 and turn 4 with AE86, but car behind me does, being first lap, he doesn't know this and quickly closes the small gap, so what do I do to not get easily crashed into in turn 4? I brake a little less, go a little wider and faster to give him more space in case he was a bit on side of my rear bumper. Mirrors, it's all about mirrors and watching what the car behind you is doing when they are close. Sure you can't save yourself from every dive or error of car behind you but the small ones you often can.

Eero had pretty much impossible overtake in front of him whole race as it is very very difficult to overtake cars that lag over 100ms on any tight track. With similar paces between cars where you are after first few corners as a line forms is where you are likely to stay until end of race when no errors happen in front. It's just one of those tracks.

One may think these "small" things such as using mirrors, latencies of people connected, weather+time of day, ..., do not matter, but they do, it all adds up in the end.

Sure I too expected SRS to be a little better than public less organized servers, but SRS is still public and truth be told there are some public servers that have decent organization, latency protection, admin present, ratings, best laps and such, even a forum etc. but do not require anyone to sign up or register, you want to race you race, you crash and wreck you either get banned or run out of rating and get auto kicked. Is it a mess in first lap, sure, is it a mess in leagues in first lap? Oh yeah. It can be a mess any time in leagues even to such extent such as 15 safety cars in the last hour of a multi hour race, because every time the safety car goes out the whole pack is starting again and close together instead of driving around with bigger gaps. Is it a mess on SRS, usually it is same as elsewhere, often it's PIT maneuvers what I see on SRS over and over again, people diving into rear bumper corner of car in front of them.
in my opinion, it is just easier when you start in pole position and get a good start. It is the only way to have a good race without any incident.

Starting in the middle of the pack is just horrible. next time i qualify in 5+ i'll just drive to the side and let the pack go.

my average race has gone from 0.8 to 1.3 since Tuesday. I not going to risk it further more.
I agree, this has always been the case in racing. Qualifying on top positions can be safer. It's just qualification, in any series without some sort of reverse start it has this effect. It's why people go and try to qualify on top positions, if it's not advantageous they won't do it.

Such as if a series starts reversing top 6 on grid? And gives no extra points for qualifying on better positions? Then you gotta finish 6th in Q to get the top spot as that is the best Q result you can get.

I don't see anything new on SRS really, it's the same mess as in any other racing. Collisions happen, qualifying on better positions is better, ... how SRS deals with wreckers and bumpers is not the best and I think it's unlikely to change. In more organized racing you would have several race officials watching corners and the whole pack giving penalties to offenders mid race to drive through, stop and go, or even retire, deploying safety car to remove dead cars, etc.

On public servers it's doable to weave and overtake a lot from rear positions to the top fast (such as 15 to 5th in 3 corners), but on SRS I don't think the driver differences are as big to allow for it, though there do seem to be people even on top 5 that do not start very well and give you this option to go past them fast. When you start that far back and do not have a big enough lap time advantage then of course it is difficult to pass anyone and avoid contacts.

Magione... I don't know much where to pass there as I don't drive that track if I can avoid it. I would say the best is straight-T1-straight-T2-straight-T3, do not even try and be smart in T4 slowest U turn as that will be a crash and as we saw in last race that's what happened, wait in T5 and overtake on main straight and into T6, the subsequent slow corners are again hard to overtake without driver in front making any mistake and keeping a good racing line.

With equal cars and not much drafting, Magione can be quite a bit about qualification. And if you don't setup your car for good top speed then you won't even be able to make those overtakes on straights by drafting.

Honestly, I expected way bigger carnage on Magione and having to pass blue flagged cars that ended up in crashes over and over.
This is how i would fix Magione.
[Image: I7z1F7Z.png]
Fewer corners, more laps.
My proposed fix for Magione involves dynamite and several bulldozers. Although I like Glen’s idea as it removes my 3 least favourite corners Smile , although for some reason I find short laps really annoying - hate all the short tracks tbh - Magione, Vallelunga Club (thank god that hasn’t appeared in SRS!), Brands Indy (although GP track I love, hate racing Indy), Okayama Piper (omg burn it down please what a disaster that layout is).
I think Okayama Piper is fine.

I don't like the Valleunga oval or what the heck that is, you know oval with a chicane.
Magione +1 for bulldozers and dynamite.

It's really a shame AC doesn't allow easy layout editing. In LFS the track would have probably been ready for several more layouts, such as Glen's or mine: join turn 1 and 4, eliminate 2 and 3 :p
The 10-11 chicane could also be smoothed out, it's even on the layout picture.

And if you don't like the straight, make a turn to T2, go to T3, T1 back to T2 and onto straight again.

LFS was golden for this and a single track had even 7 layouts + reversed = 14 total, especially when track had 2 pits and decent size. You could also add cones, poles, tyres, bales to alter track a little, make it easy to see when someone cut a track and took a pole down as they do on real race tracks to discourage cutting.
How close it gets and a random beat up 84.

0.061s finish

[Image: u1jtTqk.jpg]
[Image: HtqwuXs.png]
[Image: ltxMdaYl.jpg][Image: T5IoGcjl.jpg]
[Image: PDDMSJvl.jpg][Image: 2n4rtY2l.png]

It gets closer, didn't even remember:

[Image: 59ZBqPWl.jpg][Image: 1pDglBHl.png]

Was a good race Smile

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