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rFactor 2 App
Download rFactor 2 App. V1.14

SRS rFactor 2 App V1.4

Extract to your rFactor 2 folder.

Note 1: your license file will be changed to match your simracing system username
Note 2: rFactor 2 including launcher must be turned off
Note 3: Steam must be on
Note 4: Make sure you have all content subscribed (check required downloads) or you won't be able to join!
Note 5: If something is wrong the App won't launch
Note 6: The app doesn't detect if you have the content installed.

The app should rename your license file but in some cases it won't be possible. If this happens you need to edit the license like this

  1. Press search icon or windows key + R
  2. Introduce the following text
    • %appdata%
  3. Press 'OK'
  4. Locate
    • ...\AppData\Roaming\.rFactor\rFactor.NAME
  5. Right Click and select 'Properties'
  6. Remove  'Read-only'  and press 'Apply'
  7. Edit file rFactor.NAME with notepad
  8. Insert the following lines
    • Name
    • Surname
    • Name Surname
  9. Save & close
  10. Right Click and select 'Properties'
  11. Add  'Read-only' and press 'Apply'
Everyone that gets the invalid license error should download the alternative exe provided here and replace the existing one at rFactor2/srsrfactor2
This will bypass the license check so make sure your license file is configured as above or you won't get points and lose rating

.zip   srsrfactor2.zip (Size: 843.98 KB / Downloads: 1,188)
Version 1.1

Drivers name forced to be the same as SRS username.
I got path not found error? any fixes?
Where did you extract the zip file?

is it like this?


(07-11-2016, 04:59 AM)DIMITRY POPOV Wrote:  I got path not found error? any fixes?
thx my bad
Hello my app is giving error. Where can i find the test app? in the directory rfactor2\support\ only have CLI.txt file
inside the app, the menu Support>Test App

Report the results here
After starting the PC, everything woks like it should, but after starting rfactor2 only one time and closing it,The app tells me that rfactor2 is running but it isn´t. What can i do?
the rf2 launcher can't be on
Everything is closed and checked with the Taskmanager. There is not rFactor2 progress findable.

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