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GT3 1 hour racing
Did my 2nd race on the gt3 1 hour series. Practised about 75 laps before the actual race before i noticed i practised the wrong Barcelona track lol
In the race my fuel load was far from enough and had to pit after 12 minutes allready. I could fight with some guys in the back of thd field but parked it after 40 minutes and 3th pittstop. I was dead last....

Today new chances and better prepared
Don't forget that it has accelerated fuel consumption and tyre use. You can simulate this with content manager.
These settings are super fun honestly! Did a race yesterday too, loved it.
how big wing on McLaren you are using?
Is it my poor setup skill for this track or even on 100% grip this track is slippery as hell?
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missed last chance at barcelona, was registering , hit select and in a hurry i didn saw that the screen is like not selected race and found my fault too late Sad it happened sometimes ,

and i had prepared setup for different car then BMW this time Sad

at sunday i cant race because of Indy 500 race at HSO league
(05-19-2018, 06:39 PM)Michal Janak Wrote:  how big wing on McLaren you are using?
 Michal, i drive the Mclaren 650S with front splitter at 1 and back wing at 6

I took a setup from the setup market and made some minor changes. But i'm not the fastest out there (far from actually Big Grin ) but now i like the way the car behaves
tryed with 6 too, but feel it too loose rear on corners, but when make the wing bigger, loose too much speed and turn in tight corners too
Came back from long time without racing on SRS.

The 1 hour GT3 races are awesome.

I am very very impressed by the quality and level of driving, hard but fair racing. This was Sunday race at Barcelona Moto.

Congrats to all whom finished.
Yesterday evening i qualified 7th or 8th and finished 5th in the race. Had a battle with another Mclaren for atleast 15 laps for 4th place. We had an intense but fair fight and was so much fun.

Here you could clearly see the difference in setups. In corners and slower parts of the Barcelona circuit he was faster but on all the straights i could pull enough distance away from him he could not make a move. after 33 minutes i pitted, overshot my crew a bit so it took a little bit more time and rejoined the race behind him. Managed to get back within 1,5 seconds but in the end i was so tired i had to let him go.

1 hour racing with 1 minor mistake......i enjoyed it a lot!

I will never be able to compete with the absolute fastest guys out there, but when it's like yesterdays race i can live with thatSmile
(05-19-2018, 11:42 AM)Almor R Sousa Wrote:  Don't forget that it has accelerated fuel consumption and tyre use. You can simulate this with content manager.
These settings are super fun honestly! Did a race yesterday too, loved it.

Can you simulate exactly 170 tyre wear or just 200 like in the regular AC? (yea shame i still use it  Wink )

About downforce, i used 1 at front, 6 at the rear for quali (cause soft) and 7 for the race, could go with 6 still, but it feels safer for 35 laps especially when the tyres are worn. I would say with +1 wing you loose 0.2/0.3 a lap mostly because of the two long straight but if you are willing to get more agressive in high speed corners with the added stability, you can trim some of it back.

Yesterday's race was nice, i noticed plenty of gentleman moves, people getting out of the way when they had a bogus lap in quali and respected blue flag perfectly in race.

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