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rfactor 2?
is rfactor 2 coming back any time soon?
Hi mate! It never depends from SRS but from studio 397... SRS can't work at the integration until rf2 is not stable in a definitve version... they are completly rebuilding the user interface... that's what i know until now 8)

I hope you have already seen this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJPgFArUVJk it's really interesting... 397 have a lot of work to do... but i'm expecting some news in the next 60/90 ├Čn days.
They've come out of beta now and the latest changes are available to everyone... 397 are working on a competition section for leagues, so not sure if the admins are waiting on that...
Beta?!? tell me about it! 8)
Naaahhh... i don't think a batter or good online matchmaking for RF2 will be bad for SRS... SRS are quite unique as rules and gamestyle... and it will ever be 8)
o/ !

I decided to buy RFactor 2 from Steam summersale, only 15 Eur. So far I've been happy with the quality of the game. The rain effect is just great and there are lots of free mod cars and tracks available.

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