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Heart Rate on LIVE STREAM during a Race
Consitency in a race can vary a lot though, making some fast qualifiers slower over full race distance. Especially when the top ten are within a few tenths a lap of each other. Only takes a couple small mistakes to re-shuffle the pack and make qualifying irrelevant sometimes.

I think Vyacheslav found the reason why this might be by measuring his heart rate over a race and compared it to practice. Higher heart rate in race means there must be more tension or excitement or something. Neither are going to make you any faster. I reckon we'd all do better in the race if we stayed more relaxed, sweaty hands weren't slipping off the wheel and we weren't temporarily blind taking off shirts mid race ha. I know I've had races where my heart was pounding but I also know my lap times increased with my heart rate.

It was a good test Vyacheslav, thanks for taking the effort!

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