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Heart Rate on LIVE STREAM during a Race
Your position in the pack has a big impact on your defensiveness to be honest. I'm often towards the back or at least rarely on podium. If someone is catching with better pace than me I won't defend too much. Maybe cover the inside line but not worry too much. If they make a good pass I'll catch a tow from them. There's a good chance then you can follow them through the pack. Although they are in front, you may still be in a better position than if you'd defended to the last and slowed both you and them down.

Of course, if they are overly aggressive about it then rational thinking is out the window and you want to beat them at all cost ha. Also, if I'm on podium, or fighting for it, then I'm a lot more defensive and will actively cover the inside line when threatened. Or take late apexes to slow their entry momentum and gap them on the exit.

Also, I think car radar/helicorsa is far easier to use than the mirror when really close. If they aren't showing up in car radar, why worry!

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