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Heart Rate on LIVE STREAM during a Race
Ahah, taking off your shirt while driving, good luck with that. Sweater rookie mistake, really, ALWAYS take everything off BEFORE, even if it means you have to freeze your balls during practice Big Grin
An AC unit, yeah... Considering the terrible isolation in my building, that would be a waste. But they forget to tell you when you get into simracing : you need to bduget for a PC, a wheel, a VR headset AND an air cooling unit...
No but really, nothing will do except a radical change of latitude. I had to give up AC for 4 months last year because of that, too much of a pain in the ass.

I think Owen and you are not speaking about the same thing. There are different ways to "have someone on your ass". If he's 0,2 s behind, obviously you're going to have to take the inside and watch your mirrors. If he's 1 s behind and gaining, he's definitely on your ass but it's different, you can still concentrate on yourself and drive as if he weren't there.

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