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Incidents after checkered flag and qualifying
In a race in AC, on KTM at 2018-03-31 01:00, I had 2 incidents in a race, but they was counted after the checkered flag. Once I was making donuts, some guy that finished the race too hit me when he was making donuts too. Then, when I pass trough an area that is counted as a cutting corner to make another donuts, they were counted too.

If it is right, it is not clear on regulation. I would like this situation be reviewed, please.

Another thing is about incidents on qualifying. I was hit on qualifying by someone, but there is no form to it on protest system because it asks about the lap on race.

Eduardo Sá (ºLº)
All contacts count,
every time you enter a server you have a message reminding you that.

Qualify incidents don't count.
It is very difficult to read that when we are in a hurry to download the skins. IMHO, it should be also on race screen before you join.

Eduardo Sá (ºLº)

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