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Seat Tcr
Not long till tonights race.

Believe you can also adjust brake balance.
TPC SimRacing driver and painter
So who else was too late to register? I'll be watching the live stream while doing so sewing lol.
TPC SimRacing driver and painter
I learnt that lesson last week for a race at Zandvoort. There's less slots than normal, so you better be early. This time I registered over 30 minutes before the deadline, and there were already few spots left.

Had a tremendous race in the third split (which was actually faster than the 2nd)! Six cars that was in constant battle for position from beginning to end. Whenever you tried to attack the guy in front, you risked that the guy behind did the same to you.

As always I can't calculate race time/laps/fuel to save my life, so was ~0.1 short going into the final lap. Shortshifted my way around while defending from #4 and run dry with 20 meters to go - close enough to roll in for a podium. Great fun! Big Grin
I was on the same server. We had a good fight for 2nd for a few laps. Both kept it clean which was nice.
Too bad I got blocked during qualifying. Could have had pole.
Will do it again next week ;-)
We had a very nice fight, then about halfway you had a poor exit from T3 / entry to T4 and I tried to get a switch back on you for the backstraight. But the guy chasing me immediately pounced as I opened up the turn and took me on the inside. Big Grin

It was very clean racing from everyone in the lead pack. Hopefully I'll be back for next week as well. Smile
Erlend try using this site to calculate the abound of laps.

I usually do +2 laps to be very safe.

And then use sidekick to work out the fuel per lap. It's more accurate than the default fuel calculation.

Lesson learned with registering. Shows how popular SRS has become
TPC SimRacing driver and painter
An interesting race for sure,

Had the pace to win, but with the narrow track couldn't get past anyone Tongue Top 4 had a finish within 1.8 seconds which was nice!

Onto the next one I guess Tongue
I enjoyed that race a lot. 
Very clean (from my point of view at the back Tongue ) , and the grid was quite concentrated : 19sec on the finish line between 1st and 13th ! (for a 20min race) .
I was fighting with Janko (good race btw), and, before I could realize, the race was over ! 

As for registering, I didn't think about pit slots. I guess I was lucky (but I usually register 1h/45min before race, to have some time to warm up).
Hi, I was also on the 3rd server and the battle was incredible, thank you very much for such a fun race.

I leave my streaming aki in case someone wants to see it.

[url=https://www.twitch.tv/mathiusbm]My Twitch channel[/url]
Sorry to say that driving standards on server 3 were DISGUSTING! Granted there was an issue with the start where all cars disappeared and as a consequence there was a huge pile-up but that's no reason start driving like idiots!

I will no longer take part in this. I will go back to the leagues i'm used to driving where we never have these antics.

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