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Can i be faster..
(03-26-2018, 11:40 AM)Matthias Rudolph Wrote:  If you´re 3-4 seconds offpace in a car with fixed gears and only a few setup options, you´re having other problems then just the wrong setup.
But if someone has a setup which get´s you 4 seconds compared to stock, me and a lot of simracers would pay good money for that.

my suggestion is: Watch the faster guys replay, pedal imputs, line etc.
Don´t be afraid to ask them for help. Practise together on one of the Public Servers with the actual combo.
I bet most of the "faster" guys would love to help others improve.

when i watch other drivers in replay mode, there car seems to be erratic in behavior and the brake is always full pressure every corner, I don't think it will show any other brake pressure in the pedal app on other drivers. Throttle does, just not brake.
I was also 3/4 secs slower than the best.
Found out I had a problem on my throttle and sometimes it wouldn't go full throttle and was very spiky.
Fixed it.
Now I am consistently 3 secs off the pace.
Also it's well known that there are a bunch of top iracing drivers still running on the dfgt.
Practice can get you a long way. Georg ortner is already top 100 in srs and he only wants to use hes old g27 pedals that don't even work that well at this point.
Thanks for all the answers guys, now i know it's not my lack of talent Big Grin

I've been sim racing since 2005 i think. Did the F1 series up untill about 2011 (never online) when i broke that wheel i had then and played some other games untill i got to Rise Of Flight wich is a WW1 flightsim. Been playing that ever since. A member of our group is a "carguy" like me and we had a chat about that and he pointed me to Assetto Corsa in last december it was i think. Bought a cheap ass steering wheel without FFB and got hooked again on racing. Broke that damn cheap wheel in 2 weeks Big Grin

Did some research and the Logitech G29 came out good in reviews and had to choose between this one and the thrustmaster for affordable wheels. Chose the Logitech and i must say i like it a lot. Now i race about 2 hours a day after work and haven't flown a minute last months lol. I think i have 3 circuits now in my fingers in different cars. Mostly i drive the GT3 cars and Mclaren specifick because i find it the most stable racecar. Tweeking on setups and try driving it on the edge, but i think my problem mostly is i try to "overdrive" it. Allready did hundreds of laps on Spa, Imola and Monza. 
I don't really mind being a bit slower, had some wonderfull fights at Spa this weekend in the mid-field. Clean and fair racing is what i want and i have the heli-corsa app installed and mostly i use track-ir. Works well. I was so glad the SRS races where so different then the online servers in AC, i actually made it through turn 1 at Spa without getting beat up from the side and behind. Doesn't mean i accidently do not hit anyone, can always happen.

Thanks for all tips, i'll look into them and practise and practise and practise and.......

oh, 1 more question. Yesterday i installed discord but not really comfortable with it. Can i find Teamspeak adresses anywhere?
I am on the top 10 and have been using my beloved DFGT plus sitting on a foldable beach chair. To me, practice makes the biggest difference.

Did see your post yesterday but calling to Brazil for some info would rather get a little expensive i think. And your website is in Portugese? Doesn't help a lot either...
Mark, i just showed the website to give an example about my work. To request sessions you can mail me or send a PM message.

That service started at Brazil but now it runs will english language drivers. The hour price is 25 dollars. I don't think which is expensive, but if you have a teammate or a friend that you can refer, you have a cheaper price. With more 4 drivers, you will pay only 5 dollars and i will help you to develop the car setup, check your game and wheel settings and main: Improve and fix your driving techniques.

I sent you a buddy request to talk about it. I believe that coaching sessions are the best way to improve your performance. You're saving your time, trading experience with a driver with know-how sim racing. If you are more than 1 second slower, believe me, you'll have a HUGE diference later the session.
It's more smart pay for an hour coaching session than practice 500 laps without any improvement, just crashing a lot and go off track.
Your goal is to overcome your own time. in categories with few options of modifications in the setup, if you are 3 or 4 seconds slower, it is not because of the setup, it is because you lack practice.
Train, train and train and you will see your own records drop several seconds.
If you think about changing something, make them the pedals. The flyers do not give so many seconds apart.
Hi Marc,
I have installed the Acti app. http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/...face.3948/
I let the AI(ctrl+c, I think) do some laps and then compare my throtlle, brake input, brake zone, gear to the AI. 
Lars Mars
Gentdrivers Team
(04-04-2018, 11:48 AM)Lars Mars Wrote:  Hi Marc,
I have installed the Acti app. http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/...face.3948/
I let the AI(ctrl+c, I think) do some laps and then compare my throtlle, brake input, brake zone, gear to the AI. 

Thnx lars, i will try that!
Graag gedaan
Lars Mars
Gentdrivers Team

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