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Group Coaching Sessions
Hey guys. I'm doing some some group coaching sessions to Sim Racing System drivers. I had a lot of brazilians and portuguese drivers and now i'm starting this project with english language drivers. My brazilian website is HERE
Basically, the classes with be with maximum of 5 drivers, using telemetry data to comparisions and explanations. We also will have track learning, where i'll see you driving and fix mistakes.

Ps: I'm not the best driver in the world, but i'm fast and safe. My english isn't the best (yet). But, i have a lot of experience and i already help many sim racers. Some of them are racing here and winning races. I understand setups, settings, driving techniques and i can teach you how to drive safe and fast.
My mainly goal is to increase sim racers level. Because we all want clean races, more challenging drivers. And, when i race here, i see just some drivers racing really fast and a lot of mistakes and many of them, basic behavior...
So, if you are interested, mail me: mmriffel@hotmail.com
You can also PM me here at forum or just reply the thread.
My phone number if you want to hear my voice explaning the coaching sessions :p : 55 51 9 9627 8001
Ps2: My hour price is 25$ (dollars). So, if you want to do an alone coaching sessions, the price is 25. If you are two guys, 12,50$ to each one...
I'm avaliable to any championship here, Asseto or RaceRoom, official or mods. 
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