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No points for DNF Drivers

now after 10 races I think its time to ask for a little change. During the race some drivers quit the session, because things won't go in a way they want them to go. Thats ok for me, but I cannot understand, that they are getting the full points.

Today I have finished a race after 22 laps and I got 64 points for it. Another driver quits in lap 11 after after he has missed a breaking point. In the ending table he get 61 points - what from my perspective is realy unfair.

Is it possible to set the points of the DNF drivers to zero (or better to -10) to give them a motivation to finish the race? I am often in the last position - most of the times, because I am slower than the others or because I am moving off track too much. But I allways finish the race for one reason - You never know, what happens in race, may an opponents is getting slower because he went off track and you find yourself in a good battle. I also think, that every lap is good for training.

I can understand, that sometimes driver are angry about the currents situation (kicked off track by a 3rd or what else). But I think it is not good to give them the full points for not finishing the race.

Earning rating has been easy, that doesn't mean it will stay that way.

Some things will change but not in the middle of the season.
True, we were suggesting a thing like this a long time ago. It should be like in a reality, you have to have at least 90% of the race completed to receive the points.

From a 10 lap race, driver should have at least 9 laps completed to receive the points, if not, he will receive 0 points and he will get negative points for the incidents he had. I think its fair.

But maybe, as here on SRS we dont have such long races as in real racing, 70 or 80% of race lenght would be enough
I had my computer crash in the middle of a race last week and was surprised to still have scored some points for that race. It sucks to have a hardware failure, but it happens. I'm not sure a reduction of points is in order in that case, but not gaining anything seems logical.
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I think that using a % of race is an issue, as some of the slower racers or someone who had a bad incident could end up 2 laps down.

I feel it should be that you have to finish the lap your on, after the leader has finished the race. The only thing to note with this is that the length of time you get for this would need to be extended on some of the longer tracks as I have had it on le Mans, where the 5 minute limit was reached just as I got to the Ford chicanes for my last lap. I could see this being even more of a problem for Nurburring where you can have laps of 10 minutes.
I agree that 90% is too much. How about 75% of race distance. Or of race laps, but distance would be better for very long courses.

Another option would be no points if you quit before the leader ges=ts the checkered flag, but then people will just park somewhere on the grass .
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75% is what is planned.
Sounds good SRS :-)
"The race is finished when the race is finished"
Nothing more, nothing less. 
Then Driver have to stay in the Race and don't Quit.
(03-12-2018, 09:50 PM)Pete Krampus Wrote:  "The race is finished when the race is finished"
Nothing more, nothing less. 
Then Driver have to stay in the Race and don't Quit.
My first race I had on SRS a drive hit me from behind he sent me into the wall. I lost my engine so my race was done. So what will happen to these drives if that happens?
I would have liked to keep racing but stuff happens in racing.

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