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Audi TT - RedBull Ring GP
Hi Guys,
I drove yesterday 2 times Audi TT @ Redbull Ring
I realized that AC allows off-track at each corner (more than other tracks) - for me up to 1sec per round if I do not take this additional space
? Are there other tracks with the same experience
? What is your experience - will this be updated with new AC release
Have a great day
Sadly AC isn't recognising the tracklimits at Red Bull Ring like it should be.
You can surely drive fast laptimes without going offtrack.

It's funny btw to watch people cutting like a madman, while they are disappearing in the rear mirrow.

In my opinion cutting at Redbull Ring just let you look like an Idiot which should be driving offline.

In yesterdays 19gmt race there was a dude with PLP App activated.
Cutted several times each lap and still was slow.

If PLP was active, he would have stood longer in Pits than actually on track ^^

So my advise:
Know the tracklimits.
Follow the tracklimits.
Do not look like a fully Idiot.

agree - was just looking for other opinions
I drove redbull several times (in real) - would be a mess if I would drive this style ;-)
....... how some drivers go all the way left to the wall, a full car width off the track, to make turn 1@RBR.... that's ridiculous.
..... like in real live - things which are not forbidden will be done - to optimize the result .....
during the race i felt that this driving style is on the edge - especially for others staying within in the track
But isn't the braking suboptimal when you do this ? Surely the grip must be better on the track. That's how it felt when I've tried it anyway.
Well in reality they have track limits and I would be giving penalties for that in real racing too, when they go too wide before turn 1 and turn 2, all the way outside of the track. Anyway, I tried to do the same, but it didnt work for me.. my best times are always when I stay in track limits, also at red bull ring
thanks for your feedback - good to hear that some of you like to stay on the track :-)
when I saw 4 guys in front of me doing in each corner this off-track exercise I was a bit confused and puzzled
let us keep fair and clean racing - on the given track

all the best
(03-06-2018, 02:26 PM)Pierre Caillet Wrote:  But isn't the braking suboptimal when you do this ? Surely the grip must be better on the track. That's how it felt when I've tried it anyway.

Yea i ve tried it in some races, you can trim some on the exit but you loose a lot on the brakes. Although in real drivers often use the red run-off areas, even we they don't really overshoot their corners.
In video game land, pushing the limits of the confines of game rules in an optimal way is what you should be doing. Anything else is "Scrub Mentality" (see link for details). But I think the vast majority of us are playing this as a simulation of racing cars, and there are actually rules in car racing that aren't perfectly duplicated within the confines of Assetto Corsa.

The way I personally look at this case is that if I actually thought I could win a race by going 3 car lengths outside at T1 at Red Bull, I would do it. But since I'm lucky to get a top 10 finish most races, I'm going to pretend that we here at SRS adhere to track limit rules, and going that far outside for an advantage is verboten. Smile
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